songpoem Solutions provides you A Customized Platform if you are looking for

  • A Marketplace, Large E-commerce, Booking Portal
  • Membership or Subscription site
  • Gig Economy, Sharing Economy Product
  • A SAAS

We cover various modules such as

  • Web Application, Mobile Application, UX design.
  • Admin Dashboard.
  • Custom metrics needed for Marketing Team.
  • Notifications, Chat Messages, Interaction with User.
  • Payment Integration and other API integration.
  • Gamification, Reward points.

Tools and Technologies we use

  • Elixir lang, Phoenix Framework, Ruby on Rails, Figma, git, github, gitlab.
  • React.js, Alpine.js, Next.js, TailwindCSS, Flutter, React Native.

Why customers choose songpoem Solutions.

  • Our applications are designed for high visitor traffic.
  • Our applications are optimized for SEO.
  • Our Code is Clean and Modular.
  • We write tests, maximum code coverage.
  • Automated CI CD pipelines.
  • We provide Lifelong Support.
  • We help you upgrade legacy code.

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